He never had a choice. Ells101 was introduced to dance music as a passenger in his mum’s womb.  She took him everywhere… to clubs with crèches and those without.  Pushca and Bob’s Full House were frequented before he’d even drawn breath. His mum and Dad’s club, Lost It Lil at Bagleys and Linford Street Studio was the stuff of legend. For Ells it just meant a constant stream of odd people passing through his home. 

So, the die was cast… holidays in Ibiza, listening to Craig David and Groove Armada. Getting sucked into the craziness of his parents kidnapping Danny Rampling and smoking with Howard Marks on the roof of the Manumission Motel. It became routine, normal. 

Vinyl was an early love and one day his Dad passed on his pair of 1210’s. He became obsessed with dance music and anything electronic. Soon after he landed two great internships at Plates and Rye Wax record store. The internships vastly expanded his record collection and his mind. Currently, he’s involved with running a party called Perdition, where he book Techno DJ’s who don’t usually get to play in London.  And now, after partying at Corsica Studios many times he got involved with the “Jaded” parties there, and he is am a very happy resident DJ for Jaded.

So… Ells never really left the womb