There is never a dull moment with this little lady!

Emma Clair’s infectiously upbeat sets join sounds from the 1920s with modern beats and bass!

Leading lady and creator of Manchester based Electro Swing club night Prohibition, Emma’s love for the music shines through in her DJ sets and events.

Emma’s club sets lean towards the 4/4 side of Electro Swing, heavily influenced by house music, but come festival season you can also expect to hear some ghetto funk and drum & bass creeping in!

Full of energy and creativity, Emma takes the dancefloor on a musical journey, with uplifting melodies, swing rhythms and cheeky vocal sample; music that will put a smile on your face! Nothing dull and nothing boring!

Emma learnt to mix on vinyl in 2006 inspired by the underground clubs in her home city of Manchester! In May 2008 she played her first public DJ set and since then, has gone on to be come one of the most respected female DJs in the North West of England.


11 Acorn Lane:

“Always diggin’ Emma Clair’s in-your-face no-prisoners mixes. Time for par-tea! “

Wolfgang Lohr

“gr8 set & nice work of mixing, well done miss clair! “