We pride ourselves on being a not-for-profit festival! That being said, we try to be a not-for-loss as well… As part of this we ask that you do not bring alcohol into the festival and instead buy from our wonderful Bar, which is half the price of a standard festival and holds top quality booze! Please see a past bar menu below for an idea of what to expect xx

Kronenbourg 1664 500ml (5%) £2.50 can
San Miguel Lager 500ml (5%) £2.00 can
Westons Wyld Wood Organic Cider 500ml £3.00 bottle
Westons Old Rosie Cloudy Cider 500ml £3.50 bottle
Blackthorn Cider £1.50 pint
Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila Reposado £2.00 shot
Pepsi Max £0.50 mix
R Whites Premium Lemonade £0.50 mix
Robinsons Fruit Shoot Apple & Blackcurrant No Added Sugar 275ml £1.00 bottle
Robinsons Fruit Shoot No Added Sugar Orange 275ml £1.00 bottle
Coke Zero 330ml £1.00 can
7UP Lemon, Lime & Bubbles 330ml £1.00 can
Aqua Pura Still Natural Mineral Water 500ml £0.50 bottle
Pint 3.9% Marble Arch Brewery £2.50 pint
Bitter 4.2% Marble Arch Brewery £3.00 pint
Built to Fall 5.6% Marble Arch Brewery £3.50 pint
Smirnoff Vodka £2.00 35ml
Gordons London Dry Gin £2.00 35ml
Jack Daniels £2.50 35ml
Captain Morgans Spiced Rum £2.00 35ml
Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2014 Marlborough £5.00 200ml
Pinot Grigio 2014 Natale Verga £3.50 200ml
Rioja Reserva 2010/2011 Viña Alarde £5.00 200ml
Robertson Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 Robertson £3.50 200ml
Prosecco Rivamonte NV DOC £5.00 200ml

So please, help support the festival by buying drinks from our well stocked bar! (Drink responsibly of course)